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Sunday, 19 June 2011 20:52

The youth conference, sponsored by Ford Foundation, was conducted on July 11th at the Palestine Red Crest Society hall. The aim of the conference was to reflect the experiences of youth in reproductive health and psychosocial issues and to highlight the main challenges faced and oppotunities available in youth's communities.

Activities during the conference:

1) Openning speech:

  • Ministry of youth speech presented by Fathi Khader.
  • Al-Quds University speech presented by Dr. Marwan Awartani.
  • Center for Develeopment speech presented by Dr. Mohammed Shaheen.

2) Participating Organizations:

  • Ministry of Education: presented a counseling model in raising awarness amongst young females about early marriage.
  • YALU for studies and development / Nablus (Community based organization): presented its metholdology which targets young females in remote areas.
  • Development of Health Sector Project / Burqa-Nablus: presented their model in encouraging the involvement of youth in the rehabilitation of a clinic in their village.  
  • Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association: presented a model titled "Youth Friendly Services" which raised awarness on reproductive health issues.
  • Juzoor Foundation: presented a survey study on the need assesment of youth in reproductive health issues.
  • Palestinian Councelling Center: presented their model which focused on empowering the youth living in the old city of Jerusalem by raising awarness about their rights.
  • Elham Palestine Organization: presented their model on conflict resolution which focused on mediation techniques.
  • Women Center for Legal Aid and Councelling: presented their model which focused on raising awarness on gender based violence through youth volunteering.

3) Media Participation: 

  • Journalist Mahmoud Fatafta: presented a paper on the impact of mass media in raising awarness on reproductive health issues among the youth.

4) General Discussion: moderated by Shatha Odeh and stakeholders guests (Dr. Umayya Khammash, Rima Kilani, Rana Nashashibi, Fathi Khader, Dr. Mohammed Shaheen). 


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Tawjihi Students' perspective Towards University Education PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 19 June 2011 20:50

A follow up study was conducted in April 2011 on tawjehe students perspective towards university education in the West Bank including East Jerusalem.


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