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Study on Tawjihi students

Perspective of Jerusalemite Tawjihi students on University Education and their attitude towards studying at Alquds University (2011) supported by the Center for Development in Primary Health Care.

Landscape Analysis

Landscape Analysis was conducted for World Vision and a draft strategic framework for five years (2009) with a workshop presentation on the findings.

School based psychosocial interventions

Conducted screening of 320 SOS school children in Bethlehem in October, 2007 with Support from One to One (UK) for the purpose of providing psychosocial support for students and teachers as part of an ongoing support provided by One to One to implement school based psychosocial interventions in the West Bank.

Milk for pre-scholars’ program- A research project ( 2003-2004)

The overall aim of this study is to provide accurate and valid information about the nutritional status of the preschool children attending preschool institutions in Gaza Strip that have been selected in the milk for preschoolers program. The findings of this study provided information about the prevalence of anemia, acute and chronic mal nutrition at the selected preschool institutions and provided baseline information for future comparisons but should be carefully generalized to the entire population.

The NUFU Project”Child Research in Palestine” it was funded 2004-2007

The agreement between Al-Quds University-Center for Development in Primary Health Care and with NUFU and in consultation with the Norwegian Social Research team (NOVA), the research team at AlQuds University managed to start working on the following research areas that are spelled out in the agreement with slight modifications in the target groups and methodology but maintaining the same themes and objectives: The main objective of the program is to strengthen the research capacity of the newly established child research unit of Al-Quds University and to develop research based child services Main Outputs:

  1. Children's perspectives on citizenship
  2. Palestinian adolescents' perception of their well-being
  3. Exposure of Palestinian students to Israeli political violence
  4. Male violence against family members during the Intifada
  5. Audit of child institutions in Palestine
  6. Palestinian Children Participating in Family Law Proceedings: (West Bank and Gaza Strip)

An evaluation of ANERA project that was supported by ANERA in (2003)

The program aims at assisting target institutions to improve quality of services and to relieve these organizations of some of the overhead cost to be used in maintaining and improving coverage and quality of their health services, CDPHC) was commissioned to conduct the in-kind evaluation in order for ANERA to identify the areas of improvement in the management and sustainability of in-kind program. Project output

  • A questionnaire and field guidelines
  • In-depth interviews with key stakeholders to the program.
  • Data collection for more than 24 institutions in Gaza and West Bank.
  • Evaluation report
  • Evaluation presentation.

School based psycho-social screening of Palestinian Adolescents-Cherish project (2003)

The screening targeted around 1000 school children in MoEd schools with full involvement of the Ministry of Education was completed and the study was published.

Complementary Feeding for children research

Complementary Feeding for children research (Aged 4-24 months) in 2007-2008 supported by USAID-Hanan project

The main purpose of the study is to explore positive and negative factors that influence complementary feeding practices among care-givers of children between ages 4 to 24 months. Four region Practices were developed in the West bank and Gaza Strip Hebron, Jenin, North Gaza and Gaza city). The report and the presentation of findings were disseminated and published.

Conducted MCHN Landscape Analysis (World Vision)

A landscape analysis was conducted and presented with developed a plan of action for World Vision on key priorities and issues in maternal child and nutrition that should be their focus in the coming three to five years.

Perspective of Jerusalem Tawjihi students towards university education